Use RSS feeds on your website

Posted by Script kiddie on May 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

A locked bookIf you need to use RSS-feeds on your websites this free script makes it easy:


Cool program for keeping notes synched accross platforms

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Una semana es... un tiempo prudencialCheck this one out, if you want to sync your notes (lists/info/whatever) accross several platforms, including computers and phones:


Monitor uptime (or downtime) of a website

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Business GraphYou might find it handy to use a service than can monitor/watch/scan to see if your websites are up and running, so that you don’t need to check your website every hours.

I have found a couple of free alternatives:

– If you only have 1 website or need to have a really throrough monitoring service, which checks your website from MANY locations accross the world, you might want to look into some paid service such as: http://www.serviceuptime.com/free_monitoring.php

These services also monitors website uptime:

And one website monitoring serviceĀ in Danish:

This service for cheking your website uptime and getting reports (sms and email alrts) by downtime is in several languages and has as paid a s well as free service:


Get a US iTunes account

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IMG_5449If you don’t live in the US but would like to download movies and series from iTunes Store, you need an US iTunes account.
This could be how to do it:


How to track hours in PHP

Posted by Script kiddie on May 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

Tiden er uteIf you need something to track hours spend (metting hours/work hours/project time tracking), you might take a look at this:

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