Track your (stolen) cell phone

Posted by Script kiddie on Feb 16, 2009 in Mobile / cell phones

Remote TrackerI have found this great little piece of software, which you can install on you cell phone and then if it stolen, you can track it just be sending an SMS (text message) from another phone and recieve the coordinates of your phone back. I even works when the thief have replaced the sim cards with the added bonus that you will recieve the new number and owner information along with the GPS position.

The is just great! Of course you need a GPS enabled phone to use it.

I can even think of some other great uses, e.g. hiding a small phone in you childs luggage or bag, and then always be able to track them. Or why hiding it, just give them a GPS enabled phone and track your childrens position whenever you want. 🙂 Big brother is watching your every step! 😉

Check it out: http://www.mobiletopsoft.com/board/2935/freeware-remotetracker-for-pocket-pc-devices.html

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